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XD Dark Ride

XD Dark Ride

XD Dark Ride

Experience a major theme park style interactive 4D theater attraction right here at Star Lanes Polaris! Compete against your friends in one of our shoot em’ up action packed movie adventures. Great for Corporate Events and Birthday Parties. The XD Dark Ride is guaranteed to be absolutely unforgettable!

Robot Riot

Robot Riot Triotech

The invasion has begun… Alien overloads unleash robot sentries to conquer the planet. Climb in the news helicopter and join the battle. Action packed from start to finish. It’s up to you to defend all humanity!



You just graduated from the police academy. Your first night of patrol. It’s a stormy night. Just need to investigate this traffic accident… You will need to be lightning fast and think on your feet if you want to make it through your first night of work!



The city is under siege. Embark on a wild chase while fighting reptilian monsters. Gigamon, an epic adventure and an adrenaline rush. Collect points and stop Gigamon before it destroys the city! A stroll in the city you will remember for a long time!

Road Fighters

Road Fighters

2156…Year of destruction

Pollution, famine and wars brought civilization to an end : a new humanity is born, rebooted.

Survivors affected by high level of radiations have been spare and are now fighting for their lives . They rely on machinery to attack ; but they’re fighting towards the same goal : finding food.

Don’t let them be your end!

Los Banditos

Balthazar Salazar is at it again! Only now he has an army of cowboys to help him. Head on a wild pursuit in the great American West by wagon, train and river raft, and stop this mad scientist in his tracks!

Alien Asteroid

As a member of the space patrol fleet, your job is to investigate an unidentified asteroid field that has suddenly appeared. When you discover a mysterious being lurking in the shadows, what started as a routine mission turns into an epic struggle as you try to neutralize the threat in order to save the planet.

Forbidden Mine

A distraught miner needs our help to cast a malevolent spirit away after an evil force claimed an ancient mine as its lair! Only the brave should enter as danger lurks in every corner with ghosts, ghouls and mummies roaming free.


Help Bluejacket Jack fend off pirates and recover a lost treasure! He may be young, but this feisty deckhand knows how to fight. Follow his lead if you want to succeed… and survive!


London. Turn of the century. A poisonous gas released into the air is turning civilians into ferocious beings. As the creatures gain in numbers they leave behind a trail of chaos and destruction! We must battle the beasts that hunt us down and purge the city of their creator.


A disturbed clown out for revenge traps us in his sinister nightmare.

Once trapped in a decrepit amusement park, we get tossed, pulled and toyed with like a mouse caught by a particularly villainous cat.
Giant heads and creepy automatons are just a few of the weird creations this clown has manifested from his mind. As we get dropped, dragged and swung from one twisted corner of his mind to the other, we discover we’re not the first to pass through this nightmare and we won’t be the last.
Powerless over our fate and frightened by every move, we’re forced to confront the reality of this nightmare we may never wake from.