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Arcade Located in Columbus, OH

Star Lanes Polaris features an all-age interactive Game Room with a blend of the latest motion-simulator video games, challenging redemption-prize games, and rewarding instant-win skill games.

With Embed Card System technology, players can earn e-tickets redeemable for an assortment of prizes, including fun novelties, must-have electronics, and retail merchandise for young and adult players. The Game Room also features private rooms capable of hosting any party, from birthdays, sports team celebrations, team building functions, reunions and more!

Harpoon Lagoon

One of our arcade games in Columbus, OH

Aim and skillfully shoot harpoons at the various fish on screen while anticipating when the hidden jellyfish will come out of the treasure chest. Anticipate well enough, and you’ll have the chance to win some major tickets.

Batman Arcade Racing

Batman Arcade Game

If you’re a fan of Batman, then no doubt you’ve dreamed of one day driving the Batmobile. Well good news, as you can now drive this new BATMAN arcade driving game.

PACMAN Battle Royale

Pacman Battle Royale Arcade Game

The original Pac-Man game concept has been given a cannibalistic twist: Eliminate your opponents by eating them and the last Pac-Man standing wins the round.

Jurassic Park

Players will use their high-powered, force-feedback “tranquilizer guns” to subdue and help save 30 species of the menacing, cloned dinosaurs, running loose across “Isla Nublar” while attempting to restore order to Jurassic Park.

Star Wars

Star Wars Arcade Game

Ride the vehicles and immerse yourself in the realism of the on-screen action and the sheer exhilaration of destroying the Empire’s Battle Fleet.